Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 1: 24 hours from New York to Rome ???!!!

Turkish Airlines took us to Rome :)
 Well, not exactly... but almost! On June 22, 2014 I, along with the dancers and crew of the Martha Graham Dance Company departed New York, USA for a final destination of Tivoli, Italy via Istanbul, Turkey. As of this writing and true to form for summer dance touring, some of our shows and dates still have not been finalized. What we know for sure is that we will dance in Tivoli and Gardone, Italy, Thessaloniki, Ithaca and Athens, Greece and Izmir, Turkey with other dates still pending as we left JFK. Such openended-ness is part of the fun of being a performing artist and reminds me of the old saying about Modern dance touring - “you never know if your going on tour until you get back” :)

This tour has begun as most do ... a 14 hour travel day (which eventually became 24 hours) with delays in foreign airports, too many cups of coffee and struggles to find WIFI. Even so, the dancers of the company remain cheerful, cooperative and ever eager to find a reason to laugh and joke.

Around 9:45 PM (almost a full day after we left JFK) our tour bus pulled up to the Hotel Il Maniero (3*) in Tivoli where we will make our first performance of the tour at “FestiVAl Internazionale di Villa Adriana-Lazio”.  As we disembarked everyone cheered and immediately headed to the hotel restaurant which was scheduled to close at 10:00PM. Of course, with the true spirit of generosity which I have always encountered in Italy - they remained open to welcome us! Pasta Bolognese and vino rosso per tutti!!!
Airport coffee, coffee, coffee!
Dancers Natasha, Gildas, Jorge and Ben get on board.

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Finally, dinner in Italy- good times.

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